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Do for an upgrade.


Aug 2, 2010
So im about do for an upgrade in sept. Was woundering which phone is better the X or the Incredible. Ido like the fact that the Incredible has google but the X has a bigger screen. Is there any difference in apps (such as one can get these and one can get others)?
no difference. They both have google because they both have android. The screen is bigger on the x. The call quality is superior in the X. that's why I gave back my incredible.

Is the call quality that much better on the X? My Incredible never shows many bars, but I haven't had reception problems yet.

The X is huge - like PDA huge. IMO that's too big for a phone if you want to carry it in your pocket everywhere you go like I do. Plus, I hate the buttons at the bottom of the X. They feel so cheap.

And the X doesn't look nearly as good as the Incredible. I also think the Incredible screen is much nicer even if it is smaller.
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