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Help Do I need "Active Apps"?

I downloaded the "Active Apps" application after learning it was a "top recommended app" of 2013. So it has a little round widget that has a number indicating how many tasks or apps are running. I discovered that what is says is running is different than what the Samsung task manager says is running when you press and hold the button below the screen. So I began to question if I really needed this Active Apps app. I went to settings to.delete it and it is not in the list of downloaded apps. Not sure what to do if anything.
Um Samsung's Task Manager to be honest is very crappy. It only shows the apps that are running in the foreground and fails to mention the apps that are running in the background such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber etc. You can check them by going to the "Manage Applications" in Settings to see them actually working and taking up space on your RAM. As for removing the app, if you're using a Stock ROM, simply tap the settings button on the app screen and remove the app by tapping it once.
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