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Do launchers have WiFi, Hotspot and Flight Mode widgets?


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Jun 12, 2010
I need to have these 4 widgets:

WiFi, Hotspot, Flight Mode and 'screen stay alive'

I want to be able to tap these to turn on and off.

These are missing in the standard Google Pixel for example (latest OS).
They are there in other phones I have like Xiaomi.

You can't get them from Playstore. I think they stopped working as far back as Android 7. Guessing it's a security thing. Not sure.

Just wondering if it would be part of any launchers? (Though, that wouldn't make logical sense if not allowed in a widget!)

Having or not having these widgets is a deal breaker for me and determines if the phone is good for me or not. I must have them!

My Samsung Galaxy doesn't have. But I can make Bixby Routine widgets that give me the functionality. (They're not as good as the proper widgets, but they get the job done.)

I'm guessing there are tons of launchers... So I thought I'd try asking first before trying some.

Widgets are usually provided by apps rather than launchers. There may be a launcher out there which comes with widgets of its own which include these functions, but if so I don't know which.

You could try apps that let you make your own shortcuts or widgets, such as Tasker or Shortcutter - I know they can do at least some of those things. You will need to give them the permission to change system settings, but the system will ask you to do that when you try to do something that needs it. There's also an app called "Secure Settings" which might be worth installing if you have problems.

Of course you can put most of those things into the toggles on your notification slide, e.g. in my Galaxy I have Wifi, Hotspot and Airplane Mode toggles amongst the first set you get when you pull the slide down just a little. I rarely need to fiddle with screen timeout, but I do have a profile in Tasker to set the screen timeout stupidly long when some selected apps are active (and reset it to my default when I leave the app), which is part of why I don't need a screen timeout toggle. If your Galaxy is a model that supports Edge Apps then you can also find apps that let you put these things on an edge panel: I have one which has all of these as an option, and while the "screen timeout" button cycles between options rather than just toggling the options on and off you could set it to have just 2 options, your usual default and 5 hours (which isn't "never" but for most purposes would be equivalent), and I'm sure there are others. Both of these methods (notification slide and edge panel) have the advantage that you don't have to go back to the home screen (specifically the home screen with the widget on it) to activate them, so for me they work better than a widget.
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@Hadron many thanks for the reply. Super useful.
I have the drop down menu options. One thing missing was the screen time - but if I can do that in Tasker or Shortcutter, that would be fine.
Tasker when I last looked didn't allow the Flight Mode toggling.
I'll look up Secure Settings.

I really would need to have as toggle widgets rather than a drop down - I need to see the status always.
A widget does that nicely for me.

I'm hating my Samsung Galaxy because it doesn't handle split screen apps well.
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Yeah, never tried airplane mode in anything other than the system UI as it's something I mainly use, well, on planes, and hence a toggle that's out of the way except when I need it works for me. Also I made a clock widget with KWGT which includes enough WiFi/mobile connection info that I'd be able to see whether they were turned off anyway (KWGT is however for information display rather than changing system settings).

Toggling airplane mode is available as an action in Tasker on my phone, but it is one that needs a little jiggery-pokery to allow it. They say the instructions are in the help somewhere, but I should be doing other things rather than reading that at the moment ;).
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