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Do not buy a G Shock watch!

space wrangler

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Jul 4, 2011
If you have updated to Jelly Bean, do not buy a G Shock watch. Since updating to Jelly Bean, my phone's Bluetooth LE (factory app) stops about four or five times a day. This causes the watch to disconnect. To reconnect I have to stop Bluetooth, restart Bluetooth, and reconnect. PITA!!!! Hopefully Casio will fix this. Until then the watch is mostly useless (maybe why they gave them away). :mad:
Lol wtf, how is it mostly useless... it's not like the time or other 9 functions don't work with out the link... I think a lot of you guys were expecting a Samsung competitor, and it's not that at all... go buy that if that's what you want

If you want to spend $180 for a watch that has the usefulness of a $50 Casio watch, be my guest.
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I (when I get the watch) only really care about Clock Sync. I have a Casio Waveceptor right now that's old as the hills. To have an alarm and timer/stopwatch.....That doesn't need the phone. Yeah the caller I'd thing is cool. But the watch is awesome for time sync. Never have to worry about waiting for the WWVB signal from CO to be strong enough for the watch to pick up. Just link to BT and sync.

The one I have now... http://www.thewatchfactory.co.uk/me...5d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/w/v/wvq-201hlu-1bver.jpg
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just saying.. my watched stayed connected to my phone for my whole day today... got a new phone, Re-pairing is a bitch, not much in documentation about it, hold the reset button in the final setup screen till it clears. then re-pair after.

Jelly bean gives new smartBT options, that im not sure were there on ICS, i can change the tone, and decide which alerts are pushed to the watch.


I have a feeling this is what everyone is bitching about. ill let you know tomorrow howmany times my watch unpairs.. or hell i have PS off, i bet it stays paired all night...
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If you want to spend $180 for a watch that has the usefulness of a $50 Casio watch, be my guest.

there are a few users that actually want it.. you could play santaclause if you're so ungrateful also

and i see plenty of casios go for 100+ without bluetooth, whats the catch there? you just dont understand nice things it seems even when they're given to you.
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I didn't say don't take something free. I understand power saver, repairing, and reconnecting (did it every few hours until I abandoned this watch), and smart options (yes they were there before Jelly Bean). Check post 60 of this thread http://androidforums.com/casio-g-zone-commando-4g-lte/781614-free-g-shock-watch-2.html . I actually liked the watch until Jelly Bean (i.e. before the PHONE'S (not the watch's) Bluetooth LE app started stopping every few hours. The problem is not the CASIO watch, it's the CASIO phone. Hopefully CASIO is working on an update to fix this and give this watch back it's value. If you want to go through repairing of the watch every few hours, be my guest, buy one, buy 10 if you want. Just sharing my experience. :rolleyes:
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