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Does anyone know how to change the strengh of the vibrate?


Android Enthusiast
Sep 3, 2009
I was just wondering if anyone knew how to change the actually like power of the vibrate in the MyTouch? I know that I can change the vibrate pattern for texts in Handcent like to multiple short, multiple long vibrates, etc. But I was just wondering if there is a way to make it quieter, because it has a very strong vibrate to it and is really loud. Any ideas?
ive wondered the same, but i cant find anything anywhere... doesnt the mytouch have the strongest vib ever? lmao , no homo

Ha! Well when you put it that way, it does sound quite homo. But hopefully people know what I'm talking about, the vibrate is louder than my ringtone sometimes, I just want to fix that. I wish there was a way
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