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Help Does Infuse suffer from these captivate issues?


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Aug 18, 2010
Issue 1: Samsung supposedly "hard codes" the browser to identify as mobile, which annoys me as I prefer the desktop version of sites. You cant change this, at least not effectively, and I believe it even applies to third party browsers. If you change the identify as mobile/desktop flag in Android browser, the browser supposedly becomes unstable, for example. I even downloaded Dolphin HD and some sites still show as mobile. I think this bug applies to ALL browsers.

Issue 2: A review I recently read stated that all Samsung phones have a bug of bogging down and locking up on flash heavy sites. Have specifically watched for this issue but my browser does crash from time to time.

Issue 3: Captivate is known to have a "slow" file system, that supposedly may cause lag. Does Infuse have the same file system, or the "good", non laggy one that other phones have?

Issue 4..GPS troubles, is Infuse's GPS good?

So, does anybody know if Infuse has these issues?
I can answer issue 3 and 4 for you. Sadly, the Infuse does have the RFS file system instead of the EXT4 system. But the slowdown isn't as noticeable as the cappy, mostly because of the extra .2 GHz. Second, the Infuse does not have the same GPS problems as the cappy. You can get a lock in 2-4 seconds and keep it.
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