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Does MMS work with any custom rom?


May 17, 2010
I just cant get the MMS to work with the new villain 6.0, even with the fix that was posted in the ROM post. I constantly MMS message, and with it not working i am going to have to go back to the original ROM that this came with. Im with Telus, and i have been searching for the last hour on how to revert back to the original Telus ROM but with now avail...can some please help?
Now you're in the world of custom ROMs there's no need to use official firmware again. If 2.1 isn't working for you I recommend you switch to Modaco 3.2. It's based on the official 1.5 firmware, so everything works 100%, but it performs better than stock ROMs.


EDIT: Modaco also offer official ROMs as update.zips, so you keep your recovery menu even on stock firmwares.

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