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Does your Nexus 5 have static cling?


Android Enthusiast
Apr 6, 2012
Atlanta, GA, USA
Hey guys, I've got a question... does your Nexus 5 have static cling? Mine does, badly! You can lay the phone day and actually watch stuff floating in the air and come down and stick to my screen! I've tried 3 different screen protectors and nothing will change it. I've even left the screen protector off and it didn't help anything either....

I'm constantly wiping my screen off...

I was just wondering if this is happening to anybody else or is it just my phone?

Does anybody know of a way to fix this problem? :)

Thanks all...
Well it is that time of the year when we are starting to use are heaters and that in turn dries the air. Electronic devices will collect more dust because of the dry air. I know for myself that my TV and DVR love the dust in the winter...

Try rubbing the N5 with a static cling cloth that you would use for your laundry and keep one in your pants pocket to keep the shocking cling away.
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Ok, thanks!

I wouldn't use a dryer sheet... I'd just go heavy on the Starch! ;)

Curious to know if all 3 of the screen protectors are the of same brand?
I've never experienced any static cling on my screen. The most common problem that I experience is that the speaker ports will get filled/plugged up with dirt and debris.
I have 6 screen protectors... 2, I purchased from T-Mobile store and never had any issues with static cling.
I also have 4 screen protectors that I received with a TPU S-Line casr that I ordered. When my first T-Mobile screen protector started to wear, I replaced it with on of the screen protectors that came with the TPU S-Line case and haven't had any issues with static cling on this one either.

They do make anti static screen protectors for the N5. Jist a thought but you might want to look at a couple different ones like the ZAGG invisibleshield screen protector, it's quite durable and strong and I have had one I stalled on my Tablet for almost a year now and it's still in excellent condition and no there are no bubbles on it - http://www.zagg.com/invisibleshield/lg-nexus-5-cases-screen-protectors-covers-skins-shields
Or even a antistatic Tempered glass screen protector - https://www.google.com/search?client=ms-android-google&sboxchip=Shopping&biw=412&bih=603&tbm=shop&q=nexus+5+anti+static+dust+proof+screen+protector&spell=1&sa=X&ei=It1aVNLFFsu1ogTq3wI&ved=0CC0QBSgA&dpr=2.63#spd=13574989970924043942
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