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Doing My Duty w/ Proper Introduction Here!


Oct 4, 2016
Greetings All-

Since I just returned to the Android platform again after giving the iPhone 6s Plus a try for almost a year, I figured I'd do whats expected of me by dropping a note out to all of yoo's as any good member should, right?

Not new to forums at all, and matter of fact have my own little followings on both my Dodge Ram site and a Ducati forum as well. Its been said that "When it comes to connections for anything, Gunny Fitz has more contacts than Bausch & Lomb!" so may as well put it out there now to everyone here - if you ride a sportbike or drive a truck (Mostly Dodge Ram / Cummins) fire me a PM if there is anything you may need, or even want! :)
Also, I am a career Marine Infantryman who has been around the globe more times than we all have call minutes logged together, did only one tour in Iraq which resulted in me now being 90% Service Connected (Disabled) per VA standards- with multiple injuries that still effect me VERY bad to this day! That also lead me to being selected to receive a specially trained TBI & PTSD Service Dog from the first Org to produce this type!
Without getting into the whole thing I figured I'd attach this link about myself, my Ducati passion, and a bit of what now prevents me from ever riding my 40k bike again. The Co who wrote it brought me to tears with the donation of these 4k Carbon Fiber Wheels! (Bike pics too) Hope no one minds me sharing this with you all?


As far as the Droid lane goes. I have always been an avid follower, with the exception of the past year. I only went to the 6s Plus since all my home equipment are Macs and I figured it would be an easier transition using the iPhone with them - which unfortunately is NOT the case whatsoever my friends- lol. After leaving behind a Samsun S5 for it, I found myself continually hitting the "missing" back button in it for months! Almost re-activated the S5 multiple times until I somehow stumbled upon the "Swappa Site" which enabled me to sell that mint little workhorse for $150 after all that time! (BEST site ever for those of you who have not found it yet!!)

Therefore, I will try to keep my posts toned down since overwriting seems to be another symptom of my PTSD. I am NOT the most technical Droid there is, and have never "Rooted" or taken one apart besides changing a battery or Memory Card. I stumbled upon a new VZW Note 7 at Best Buy the week they released and snapped it up BEFORE the recall. Im just waiting on the call to come swap it out now, figuring that if i survived a massive IED Blast, there's nothing this little device can do to me that hasn't been done before, right? Thanks for reading my Intro and Im sure I will have some questions on the Note 7 to help me save battery life, Apps, etc! Until then folks - Stay safe and stealthy out there! Its a dangerous world we live in, even here in the best Country ever!

Semper Fidelis,

Gunny Fitz

Ps. A few pics of me in Iraq BEFORE the IED, and Humvee AFTER it. Plus, my Service Dog with me in the Hospital Pre-Op before a few of the 21 surgeries Ive had this year alone! Again, hope ya don't mind? :)


  • Bagdad Pic Pre-IED.jpg
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