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Dolphin browser hd question


Jan 14, 2010
I have noticed when I visit a website on this browser it renders the page very small. I compared it side by side with the regular Dolphin browser that renders pages in normal size. Of course I can pinch zoom but its annoying to have to do that on the hd version,.. am I missing something maybe? Also I cant find youtube on the hd version...hhmmm
It lags and loads pretty slow for me, not sure if all the other browsers are this way but it really isn't worth having over the stock browser IMO.

I just downloaded it yesterday so I don't have a lot of time with it yet, but my early thoughts on it mirror yours. I think slower page loads for me. Feels a little sluggish to respond at times. Also no unique feature I find as a "must have". I'll give it a little more time, but my guess is it's getting uninstalled soon.
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