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Help Dont know if this is normal or not?

This means you don't have 3G connectivity.

I would suggest dialing *228 and using Option #2 to Update the roaming capabilities.

If you don't get the 3G after that I would suggest calling and getting a warranty replacement (Call Vzw, not Motorola).


If you want to try, you could try to Flash it using the SBF. There is a good chance this is a software issue and SBF Flashing MAY fix this.

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Well im rooted with froyo so wouldnt i have to flash it back so they didnt know i was tampering with the phone? And also how do you SBF Flash? found the post but it didnt have the link working. Thanks

Yes you would have to flash back to 2.1

I would suggest just calling Vzw. that way it at least puts pressure on them to push out the 2.2 OTA ;)

You have to search google for the SBF file, I cant post it on these forums.
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