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Don't suffer with a Captivate that doesn't work the way you think it should

I bought my captivate on launch day, filled with all sorts of excitement for a good Android phone on AT&T. It was good for a while, until I got hit with the GPS bug, and then the lag. My GPS started working much better after one of the updates, but the lag was a problem that just kept getting worse. I missed calls because the phone wouldn't respond when I tried to slide to answer. It would take 20+ minutes to power on the phone, and generally was just completely unreliable. I tried doing a factory reset, and it just didn't make any difference. My phone was just mostly useless. Finally I had a wifi problem that I just couldn't get working, so I took it to an AT&T repair center. I got a replacement phone, put my apps back on, and I have a working phone again. I can power on the phone and get back up and fully running in about a minute.

Sure, it's not Froyo, and it's not a custom rom. But, if you have a Captivate that doesn't work the way it should. Don't hesitate to do something about it. Even on Android 2.1 this phone should be a very good phone for most of you.
so i assume your saying you just had a faulty phone and the new one is great?

granted ive only had mine about a week, but i havent had any problem. really liking it. in fact i wouldnt have even started wondering if i could make it faster with customer roms had i not stumbled across info on the interwebs during mostly unrelated search. 2.1 eclair on the cap still kills my previous phone (iphone 3g)
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