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Help Donut 1.6 = GPS not working

Now if I roll back to 1.5 ROM, gps works perfect. With 1.5 if I upgrade to galaxo or simple 1.6 ROM my gps is broken. gps icon blink in status bar, but no satellite in view.

Right now if I install any 1.5 ROM, gps is work

I just finished installing i7500XXII5 1.5 . I test gps and works perfectly. I found 6 satellites in 10 seconds.

Now if I install again 1.6 ROM, I can put my phone in clear sky, after 2 hour no satellite found.
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I check battery history:
Running: 92.0 %
Screen on: 16 %
Phone on: 0.5 %
Wifi on: 5.9 %

So ....is no sleep bug ?

Of course it is, your phone has been running for 92% of the time, whilst its screen was on only 20% of the time. When the screen isn't on, the phone should be sleeping most of the time.

I suggest waiting a few days, Galaxo will be released soon and the no sleep bug is fixed in it.
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