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Doogee N20pro TEE/Google key not write


Mar 21, 2021
I have been trying to flash GSI (Havoc) rom to my Doogee N20 pro. Unfortunately something went wrong and i found myslelf in boot loop without any possibility to enter any mode with any key combination.

Only thing which helped me was (format and download) rom with SP Flash tool. Unfortunately i have not created backup before so i had to download stock rom for my device.

After flashing stock rom downloaded from internet iam stuck with annoying red message appearing on my screen:

Tee key not write Gooogle key not write.

i have tried several methods to remove it:



Removing the Chinese text "未写入google key和tee key" watermark on the screen

and pretty much everything else i could find on google and youtube but none of that helped me to ged rid of that "red overlay"

which led me in to learning about nvram, and missing IMEI.

i have managed to write back IMEI via SN Writer however i could not find over entire internet Attestation key/google key/tee key for my Doogee N20 pro:

which was part of the solution for removing Tee/Google key problem.

It supposed to be in downloaded stock rom but all i could find there was this:

logo.bin, logo-verified.bin, preloader930.bin

  1. Is here any good soul which can point me out to that key, have link, extract it from his Doogee N20pro?

  2. Is here any doogee N20pro owner which can extract nvram and upload it for me somewhere? https://romprovider.com/backup-nvram-mediatek-mt67xx/

  3. if somebody have solution to simply remove TEE/Google key message from Doogee N20pro - that would be sufficient and i would not bother to try 1. and 2. However my bluetooth is not working so probably 1 and 2 would be best.
Best regards Michael
do you have a custom recovery? if so did you make a nandroid backup? was the rom you flashed made for your phone?
no i could not flash any custom recovery thats why full backup was too difficult to make, therefore i have proceed flashing GSI with just stock rom as backup downloaded from web.

I need extracted nvram from Doogee n20 pro and attestation key.
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