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Double-Arrow hang

Hello... I have a Motorola Droid-X ( I know, a real relic, but I like it). Anyway... lately, say within the last 2-weeks or so I have noticed that the double white apposing arrows in the status bar have been staying on intermittently for extended periods of time. They don't rotate or move in any way, just static arrows. The only way to clear them is to reboot the phone. I have tried closing app and services one at a time to see if the arrows go away, to no avail. They don't reappear right away after a reboot, and sometimes when they appear its only for a short period of time then they disappear. However at other times they do not go away, and the battery get hot, and the remaining battery power falls quickly.

I have been told these arrows indicate Google sync process. When ever they appear hopefully I catch it in time in order to reboot the phone, or my battery is dead within a very short period of time. They seem to "hang" intermittently.

Any idea what is causing this? The only app I have installed AFTER this problem was noticed, I uninstalled recently and the problem persists. I recently (2-days ago) installed a Google update to version 2.3.4 with a system version of 45.621.10MB810.Version.en.US and thought that might cure the problem, but here again, no joy. The problem still persists.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

p.s. been looking at the new X and MAXX, but don't like the idea of not being able to add a memory card, or, remove the battery.
Working from the right to the left I have... Time, battery strength indicator, carrier signal strength indicator, Wifi signal strength indicator, 3-squiggley lines that I have never known what they are, then the circled opposing white arrows (when they appear). I haven't seem them appear since I wrote the post a while ago.

I thought an app also, so that's why I went into Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Running Apps and started to Stop each application (starting with Google apps first) to see if doing so would remove the arrows as a way to perhaps find out if an application and/or service was the culprit. No luck, arrows remained. Next time they appear I think I might try going into Airplane mode to disable all transmissions to see if that removes the arrows.
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Some additional observations:
1) Double arrows were non-existent for most of the day yesterday.
2) This morning I noticed them appear just a few minutes ago.
3) Went to Settings>Wireless & Network Settings>Airplane Mode and selected airplane mode. A few seconds later the double arrows disappeared... yea.
4) Turned off airplane mode - the arrows came back about 2 minutes later.
5) Turned on airplane mode again - the arrows disappeared again in a few seconds.
6) Arrows came back about 2 minutes later.
7) Turned on airplane mode again, only this time the arrows did not disappear.
8) Attempted to cycle airplane mode a few more times, but arrows never disappeared.
9) Rebooted phone and once operational, arrows were gone.

This thing just has me baffled ! My gut tells me its software related, but I have made no changes in or around the time this started happening. Several apps have auto-updated during that time but other than what's loaded after a fresh reboot, it has to be something loaded as default apps on startup. But again... I could go several hours, maybe even a day or two and never see the double arrows appear.

Weird... just plain weird. Maybe the phone is just too old to handle some of the newer apps that have updated recently.
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that almost sounds like the Motorola packet data transfer in-progress that was on the RAZR flip phone, it would often blink them too as it was doing stuff.

It would look something like this (but not in color, normally grey or white) and stay lit when you're connected to the mobile network. on the old RAZR, they would blink indicating transfer and some later phones they just lit up green or such:

This is the Android sync-in-progress icon, it is remarkably similar to the Microsoft ActiveSync icon used during the Pocket PC days:

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Mine are more like the Microsoft ActiveSync icon, only mine are white horizontal arrows, not vertical as depicted in your bottom graphic, and just arrows, no border or background. I have seen them only this morning when i wrote today's reply and have not seen them the rest of the day today. One would think that if the phone was really syncing something they would appear/disappear frequently.
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Just thought I would post the resolution to my problem. The culprit was Yahoo Sync. There is a feature/function in the Yahoo email accounts I had set up that allowed Yahoo to "Sync" my contacts. I suspected this may be the cause of my problems, and turned the sync-contacts to NO. I did this 2-days ago and have not had an issue since. I have to conclude this was the problem.
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