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Root download custom rom??


Jan 30, 2011
how to install custom rom which 2.2.1 CM Floyo?? I downloaded the file. Is it correct that I'll just copy the zip file to the sd card. then, using xrecovery select "install custom zip" ... just asking if that is the correct process to install this rom....:eek:
Why new topic about that ? ffs :/ why dont you just start new conversation in a topic which has already been started about custom ROMs ? :( nvm ...
To your Q :

No you have to copy the floyo folder on your /sdcard into xrecovery/backup folder :)
Then in the xrecovery you go to Backup and Restore :)
You choose Restore and select the floyou file :) Then confirm.

I still don't suggest this ROM for a daily use :/ it still has a lots of buggs :( but I hope they will finish this really soon :) It is really faster than the our current version :)
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