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sony ericsson xperia x8

  1. X


    Can a Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 download the Uber app?
  2. M

    Root experia x8 forot password

    Hi all I have a Sony Ericsson Experia X8, I have not installed any recovery mode and i have forgot my security code, so what do i do. thanks for helping
  3. S

    Sim contacts

    Hi sir Plz help me how to import/export sim contacts fr.my sony ericsson xperia x8 as its always shows there r no contacts saved while importing n always shows SIM full wen trying 2 Export. Thnking u for yur kind help n hpe to hear fr u soon
  4. L

    Help Gba Emulator IG Blackscreen

    Hello Ive got the problem that in my gba game that i play on the my Boy! Emulator, pokemon fire Red, When i go to the TM/HM case It comes a blackscreen and MyBoy crashes (there comes that MyBoy doesnt answers and i can wait or press ok so my Boy closes.) Why??? Wheres the mistake because in...
  5. bip_bip

    Help Mobile being blocked after wrong password

    Dear, my little brother was playing with my xperia st21i which had a password , after 20 times of wrong password, the device has been blocked. What do you suggest me to do please, because I can not put my password , it only asks to answer a question I set ages ago and ofcourse I forgot the...
  6. bip_bip

    Help difference abt wifi on xperia x8 & xperia st21i

    Hi, I have a low wifi signal, but the strange thing is that it is enough for my firend
  7. bip_bip

    Help Viber on my xperia x8

    Hi, I have viber instaled on my xperia, but it asks upgrade. I can
  8. D

    Help Data transfer problem.

    When I connect my phone to my pc, while copying a file, most of the time the phone gets disconnected on its own in the midst of the copy operation. After that when I tap on 'connect my phone', a lot of the files gets deleted from the phone. Any suggestions?
  9. C

    Help sms undelivered

    Hello, I have a Sonny X8 and i send a sms to a friend on Christmas day and it was received. On the 1st day of the year i send another sms and after 48 hours i got the undelivered message. To the other friends from my list i have no problem. Could this friend have blacklist?i am sure she has...
  10. cheonsaparan13

    Help SD Card won't detected

    Hi..! After got a problem,my phone won't start and keeps restarting, that finally solved, I got a new problem. My phone finally turned on, and it went back to eclair 2.1.1 and unrooted. I was bored with it so i tried to root it again and installed custom rom (i installed gingerfast v2). After...
  11. cheonsaparan13

    Need help!!!! :'(

    My x8 doesn't want to turn on.. It stucks in Sony Ericsson logo then keeps restarting.. SE logo then restarting again :'( What should i do? And it doesn't detected by PC Companion Please help me :'(
  12. D

    How Can I upgrade my phone from android 2.1 to android 4

    hi everybody i have a sonyericsson e16i but I can not upgrade it. can any body help me please
  13. M

    xperia x8 starting problem

    I have a problem with my old x8, and I have to solve it as soon as possible. I wanted to repair my phone software because of some reason, but the usb connection was broken, and after that there was a triangle with an exclaim signal behind a phone lying down. Since than, my phone doesn't want...
  14. A

    Help install apps from pc to mobile

    how do i install apps from pc to my mobile xperia x8
  15. D

    Help ..W8.. I can not update Android 4.0 or higger.

    Hi everybody!!! I have Sony Ericsson W8. but I can not update higger version of android. I tried everthing but still have android 2.1.it is original version. can anybody help me please.
  16. J

    Help Help Help Help

    I have rooted my Sony Ericsson Xperia X8. And now I don't know how to install a custom ROM. I have chosen the ROM named update-cm-7.1.0-x8-signed from website CyanogenMod Downloads. It's a stable version which is used for Sony Ericsson Xperia X8. How to install it on my phone successfully?
  17. J

    Help Opinions about rooting Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

    I would like to ask the opinions of Sony Ericsson Xperia X8's users after rooting their phones. 1. Did you experience "Android Bricking" which may cause your phone to refuse to boot up and it certainly turns out to be a malfunctioning device? 2. Did you experience any other irreversible...
  18. C

    Upgrading the X8 and syncing to Google

    Hello everyone, first of all I must say that I'm very happy that I found a forum like this. I like it very much as I found many interesting and important information here. I have to mention that I've already read FAQ and Tips & Tricks threads but still I'm not sure what should I do to get the...
  19. T

    Root GingerXperiaV23 very very Heavy open programs

    Hi, I'm use the GingerXperiaV23 but very very Heavy open programs what i do from this problem plz
  20. N

    Help Xperia X8 hard bricked! Help!

    I tried to unlock bootloader on Xperia X8. On some forum i saw that phones with version model after 11W29 will brick on try. My phone is 11W28... And bricked. Why? How to recover?
  21. N

    Google Market problem

    I rooted my phone using SuperOneClick. Now i can't download anything from the Market. I cleared Market update, i reset my phone to factory settings, nothing... I browse the market, and when i want to download something, it popups "Your application will be downloaded" or something like that...
  22. N

    Root How to overclock Xperia X8?

    Hi 2 all! I am new with all those stuff, i rooted my phone about 10 minutes ago for the first time, and now i want to unlock full potential of his processor. What is the easiest, and safest way to overclock Xperia X8? I am noob, so, use simple words to explain :D:D:D
  23. F

    Root Facing Bootloader Problem

    Hey , I have Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 was using GingerDX v29 2.3.7. Couple days ago , I was thinking of my selling my smart phone so formatted my smartphone ( factory and SD card ). Later changed my mind and reinstalled and start using again . I reinstalled few apps i.e. Dolphin Browser ...
  24. P

    Help connection between pc to phone

    how to connect sony ericssion x8 to pc to install my applications from pc to phone and to use internet connection from phone to pc and can u say how to install applications to phone as memory card options
  25. DreamToWhite

    Help Phone Stuck on Logo Need HardWare reset

    Hello, so I do know that there alot of other threads which talks about my issue but honestly I could'nt find what i was looking for, I recently rooted my phone and as I was messing around with it, I wanted to delete some preinstalled apps to make my phone's memory free up some space, but...