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Upgrading the X8 and syncing to Google


Jul 9, 2013
Hello everyone,

first of all I must say that I'm very happy that I found a forum like this. I like it very much as I found many interesting and important information here.

I have to mention that I've already read FAQ and Tips & Tricks threads but still I'm not sure what should I do to get the best results and get max performance from my X8 so I'm politely asking for your advice.

Currently the situation is that warranty for my X8 ended about a month ago. I know this phone isn't a newest one but still I'm satisfied with its functionality so I'd like to keep it for a while. But at work I need to use some applications which require Android 2.2 so I'd like to install it. I'd like to make use of this idea to clean up all the mess from the past of over 2 years using the device.

Well to save your eyes and time as well here's what I've got and what I'd like to have after:

Now I have:

  • Sony Xperia X8 with last official update available (Android 2.1)
  • Contacts saved in my X8
  • Calendar events saved in my X8
  • Apps saved in my X8's integrated memory
I'd like to have:

  • Newest Android available for X8 (I know it's the unofficial way and root is needed) - please recommend which one is the best to use with my X8 (according to X8's hardware which is quite old) and differences between them
  • Sync my Contacts and Calendar events with Google Contacts and Google Calendar (I've set up a sync account in my phone, allowed settings needed etc. but still it won't sync with Google)
  • Be able to install and run Apps from SD card (integrated X8's memory is soooo small). I know about App2SD but it requires Android 2.2 which I currently haven't got. Is it the only option?
I'd like to clean up my SD card also because I think there is a little mess as I installed and tested many apps which I decided to uninstall after a while. I need only to keep my photos which are most important (I'm using Fishbowl Photo Gallery). Maybe there are some maps for Sygic and some data for c:geo etc. but I won't miss them much so I don't insist on keeping them.

Anyway I'll be glad for any tips and recommendations as I'm newbie in this stuff a little bit so I'd appreciate your help.

Thank you very much.


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