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Help Download notification stuck


Mar 27, 2010
The status bar has a download notification that won't go away. I know the download is done but yet no option to clear it. I even turned the phone on and off and still doesnt go away. Anybody else have the same issue? Im thinking the only way now to clear it is to hard reset.
Now I'm having this problem -- downloaded a picture in the browser and it was an unsuccessful download (don't know why). Tried it three times, so now they're queued up to download.

The notification just stays there. I've powered down several times. Upon startup, it reappears, even with no apps running.

Any hints?
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Update -- it looks like it's scored the first download "Unsuccessful," and so that notification I could swipe away.

Looks like I must have tried three times (stupid), because the stuck notification now indicates two attempts to download "Untitled" are in progress.

I suppose it will time out as unsuccessful with each of them in succession. But it should have had a way for me to override it.
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