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Help Downloading images from texts


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Nov 4, 2009
When I get picture texts, it comes up with a play button in the message thread. Clicking it will 'play' the image for 10 seconds, and I found out I can tap the screen and hit pause to look at the pic longer... but I can't figure out how to save the image. I've tried:

holding finger on the play button in-thread

holding finger on the image

hitting the menu button on either page

with no success.
which messaging app are you using? i looked at my picture texts from both the native message program and handcent, and neither have the 'play' button and i'm able to download from both...

I use the default messaging program. When I get picture mail, it appears as a 'play' button, and pushing it 'plays' the still image for 10 seconds.


Figured it out by the way, I have to push/hold the message body, not the play button.
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