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Root downloading ROMS to my EVO

I am a total newbie and am completely lost. I rooted my EVO and downloaded ROM Manager v4.2.1.0 (free). I went to download ROM option and it list of ROMS I chose a ROM and it started dowloading. It finishes but doesnt do anything. So after doing it 5 times I decided to try loading a ROM to my SD card and installing that way. I open the folder I created to hold the ROM and click the ROM Evervolv-Acies-1.1.0b3 and when I do it just opens up to two different files. 1 is META-INF/ the 2nd is system/ if I click them it just shows me more files. PLEASE HELP ME!
thats why i don't suggest using rom manager.. some where along the line it did not flash your rom correctly... very picky program... tell you what if your willing lets do this manually. so you under stand whats going on. then if your like you can use rom manager later and you will then know what the app can and can't do

so first did you make a nandroid?
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