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Replacement, Replacement
Okay, so mine was turning on and off, had to go to gingerbread keyboard, on and off status started becoming on then take back off take out battery, replace, the screen display locked up/froze, and the back became extremely hot (to even hold or touch)...finally had verizon do a whole reboot/master reboot, froze on them immediately after. Sent a replacement - low an behold only 3 months after purchase I get a "certifed pre-owned replacement"...which I bitch about, but to no success.

Loaded it up/turned it on as the replacement, did all updates via motorola site through USB port/computer, updates via verizon, and now off and on again, freezing, sometimes when you "waken" the screen it starts to darken slightly like it is going go sleep and you can't touch the screen to wake it completely, must turn off and on. Then the screen sometimes locks, or becomes minature of the screen size. Says I have no sd card, turn off and on, take battery out, reinstall sd card, still doesn't read. Finally turns itself off, comes back on, says sd card is bad and needs to reformat and I loose everything. and I didn't even take the time to add many apps back to the damned phone. Syncing to my ford is iffy - sometimes it comes on, sometimes not registering. And it didn't do my backup assist correctly from the last phone, and I got a really horrible threatening text from a number of someone I THOUGHT I WAS TEXTED - frightening.

Back to verizon, they call it in, they check it, gonna send me yet another certified pre owned replacement (cause those are better checked then the ones you buy at the store originally). Verizon said to bring to store to turn on, which I plan to do Saturday (cause what life could I possible have). WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS - If this doesn't work - I WANT THE MONEY BACK I PAID FOR THE DAMN THING and to try another phone!!>>?????
Anyone??? Does the 14 days count if it is a replacement?
THanks. I feel that is the route I am gonna have to take. So said - I was so excited. Match up with my FORD SYNC system, but it is crap. I am so aggravated. I saved to purchase, waited, researched...then am told certified pre-owned. Then I still have issues. I told one verizon person I didn't want what someone else did not want.

Hope I can be loud enough, cause this is strike three. Now want to know what I should look for if I have to exchange....any one got a suggestion?
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I'm not sure what VZW will give you as a replacement but if you are willing to get your money back and/or spend a little more for a new device look into trying to get a Droid Bionic. Again, I am not sure how that will work with their return policy but outside of that I would try to get a working DX2 and make sure that it has the 2.3.4 update on it. They should be able to turn it on and make sure it has it or download the update at the store for you.
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I did the updates, via motorola and on the phone itself through verizon....still heating up, shrinking my screen, freezing, turning offi and on, reformating my sd card, locking up, having to take the battery out to turn back on....doing more crap them the original one with problems. Got the new to me replacement certified like new in mail yesterday and verizon ask me to go to the store to turn it on...so that is my plan for saturday. If it doesn't work, I want my money back and will look at something else. Even the damn camera doesn't come on all the time....and getting network error messages...even when hooked to wifi. UGH UGH!

Someone had a bionic ...and had issues with trying to get good pics...i wasn't impressed with camera...and to be honest except playing a few games, FBing, text and calls, my camera is important as I have a grandson. But syncing with the FORD was one of the key components for getting the X2
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