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Droid 2.0.1 users try out this HTC 2.1 keyboard?

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Sep 30, 2009
When the HTC Hero 2.1 was leaked out I immediatly pulled out the new HTC_IME.apk file (the keyboard). I figure that it will be updated for bigger, high res screens since this is whats going to come on hte Bravo/Passion/Dragon. I was sad to find out that the version number was higher than my droid so it would not install.

When I peeked into the Manifest file I could see that it is SDK level 6 where Droid is on SDK level 5. At the time I assumed 6 was 2.1. However, Google has already released the 2.0.1 SDK and it is level 6.

So, since I haven't gotten my update to 2.0.1 yet maybe someone else wants to see if the HTC_IME.apk will now install?

You can either pull the file down from the web, install it with a file manager like Astro, or push it to the phone with "adb install HTC_IME.apk" if you have the SDK installed.
Package installer failed with could not parse file error on Moto Droid.

Did you try to run it straight from an email? I ask because this never works for me.

In order to use ANY .apk's(and I have plenty:p) I have to use a file manager(I have ASTRO), and run them directly from the SD card. When I click the .apk in ASTRO, it asks Browse File or Open App Manager. Clicking Open App manager has not failed me yet. Now having the newly installed apps force close is a different story, but they all have installed just fine.

If I email the .apk to myself, and try to open the attachment using the default mail client, I get a parse error every tiime. I use K-9 Mail to save the attachment(.apk) to the SD card and do the above.

I will try this method and report back if still needed..whenever I get the OTA update:rolleyes:(still waiting as are most lol).
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How do you know? GPL'd? Wouldn't we be able to download it from HTC then?

Replying to myself as I just read up on some of this. Apparently Android is on the Appache license, so unless HTC specifically allows this, then I think it's a no go legally. (Not that I didn't download the apk too though ;) )

Android (operating system) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Licensing With the exception of brief update periods, Android has been available as open source since 21 October 2008. Google opened the entire source code[22]) under an Apache License.[23] (including network and telephony stacks
With the Apache License, vendors are free to add proprietary extensions without submitting those back to the open source community."

"On the 24 September 2009 Google issued a cease and desist letter[69] to the modder Cyanogen, citing issues with the re-distribution of Google's closed source applications[70] within the custom firmware. Even though Android OS is open source, phones come packaged with closed-source Google applications for functionality such as the application store and GPS navigation. Google has asserted that these apps can only be provided through approved distribution channels by licensed distributors. Cyanogen has complied with Google's wishes and is continuing to distribute his mod without the proprietary software. He has provided a method to backup licensed Google applications during the mod's install process and restore them when it's complete.[71]"
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