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Droid Bionic 1st Party extended battery


Android Expert
Jun 9, 2010
I, like many others I imagine, are curious about the official extended battery for this phone. If anyone comes into any information regarding the mah capacity of this battery and or what the new battery cover looks like, please post in this thread about it.

Yup...and I plan on getting it. I didnt get one with my Droid X1. By the time I was....heard info about future phones. Since my girlfriend has all but destroyed my DX1...I might not get another one.

I need to tho. I gotta have one good back up/2nd phone. My Droid 1 or DX1 will get use so I cant really call it a back up phone. My Droid 1 gets heavy use now as an alarm clock, music player, plays games, I even use Netflix on it when I can.
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