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Root Droid Bionic Reboot FIX!

It is definitely a software glitch, you need install a new operating system.

I wanted to use my Bionic as a small tablet for my son. (like an ipod so to speak)
But it kept rebooting every 2 minutes.
Basically you have to root.

Here is what I did...

1st, every time you get to the lock screen of the operating system you only have the amount of time you will normally have before it restarts. So you have to be quick. Have everything ready and prepared on your PC and ready to go.

Factory reset, clear the cache, Flash jelly bean using RDS Lite and this firmware: Blur_Version.98.72.22.XT875.Verizon.en.US

Download Saferoot and root it.
You have to have your developer options on and set to USB debugging.
Run Saferoot on your PC and have it ready. Connect it to your USB. As soon as your Bionic Boots to the lock screen, start it.

Once rooted install Safestrap for the Bionic.

It will probably -reboot- by the time you get it loaded - reboot - installed -reboot- Run Safestrap and install recovery. -reboot-

Download Cyanogenmod kitkat for droid bionic. and transfer the zip to your phone. You may also want the google apps..

It will have probably rebooted.

Get back to safestrap and choose reboot into recovery.

In recovery, make a new ROM slot, and install CM11

My bionic has not rebooted on this new OS. Funny thing is, if I go into my stock rom slot it will reboot after a minute or two. Therefore it is definitely a software bug!

I think it is built in obsolescence, to make you get a new phone/contract.
I have seen a ton of threads, most droids end up this way.


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