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Droid getting really hot

My Droid was in its leather carrying case in my backpack for about an hour while I was at the gym. When I pulled it out it was hot. Not warm, but hot. I couldn't stand to hold it against my ear to make a call.

When I pulled up the battery usage it did not appear to be anything out of the ordinary. The keyboard was locked when I pulled it out of the case so that eliminates errant keypresses opening up a bunch of apps and making calls while it was in there.

Has anyone experienced their Droid getting hot?
does your leather pouch have a magnet? if so, it may be on the whole time. when you looked at the battery use, what was using most of your battery?

My pouch does not have a magnet. I am using: This Case

Voice calls was 33% of my battery usage. Seems odd, but I took it off the charger about an hour and half prior to noticing the heat and was on a 10 minute call and missed 2 calls while it was in bag so it makes sense because I was doing nothing else.
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I was doing this mentally too. It was like, wow, there sure are a lot of racy posts about the droid lately.
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