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Mar 12, 2010
The Burgh & Fort Worth
I went jet skiing with my phone in my pocket. I used the rice trick and let it completely dry. Charged it up and turned it on. There is a single spot under the screen where water once was, but it has dried out. The phone works just as I bought it new. The only problem is that the four touch sensitive buttons on the front stay lit and the optical joystick doesn't work* There should be a fix for this with rooting I believe. The letters on the back of the phone fell off so now "HTC" is blacked out and I think it looks better like that anyways.

-charger (unopened)
-usb cable (unopened)
-2gb microsd card

*The button in the joystick works perfectly for the camera but the swiping motion on the home screens doesnt work with the joystick. Regular swiping on the home screens with your finger works fine.

*Not guaranteed to work and may freeze.

Any questions, send me a message.

And are we allowed to post links to ebay auctions? Because I would be more than happy to do that :)
it is completely dissasembled, i am cleaning the circuit board and other parts with alcohol as others have suggested (that means the spot in the above pictures is completely gone!). Then, putting it back together and hoping for the best. The warranty was void as soon as the stickers changed colors I believe.

I didnt have insurance but my upgrade on the vzw site never went away, so i already bought a new dinc online and have been using it for days....and only 199.99 too.

I did get insurance for the new one though.
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even though the phone is in pieces now ?

If you put it back together you could send it in to them. Insurance also covers loss so since it's in pieces you could say it's lost. Though I'm not endorsing insurance fraud since people get all hot and bothered when you bring up saying something's lost when it's not. Yes you could use the insurance on that phone without any issue.
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