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  • are you interested to be an moderator for few forums,
    My forums are related to android technology
    Please Do contact me if interested , my mail Id is sales.rukman@gmail.com
    Do you want to explain the Droid 2 under your devices category? I didn't that they released information or even a device yet....So if you do have it how did you get it?
    G37s are nice. That is my second choice. Their stock exhaust sounds good. Get the dual CAI, tints, carbon fiber lip spoiler and you have mean SOB =D
    Thats okay man. I had a canyon hooked up in college, 20s, tints, exhaust, intake, lowered. It was real sick, then I got a charger, had rims, exhaust, tints, intake. It was fun too. Soon as I graduated, got a full-time job, and saved some $$, I go the G8. Fast as *hit, stock. The intake is nice tho and tints might be my favorite mod... Nothin' like riding dirty ;-)
    Yeah man! 15% tints, AFE cold air intake, switched up the lighting to sylvania silverstars, the interior lighting is all hyper-white, my Dad hard-wired my garmin so it looks integrated, and I mounted an iPod dock with a remote so I can watch movies on trips ;-)
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