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Droid provide internet access to iPod touch?


Nov 26, 2009
I see a previous question about the fact that the Bluetooth technology on an iphone will only allow it to pair with the Nike shoe thing and some kind of head set, and will not allow it to pair to the Droid for transferring files or even to access internet. So, is there a way to use the wireless capabilities of the Droid to share its internet connection since the ipod touch can also use wi-fi? I don't have an ipod touch or I'd try it but I'd like to buy one (for the wife) and if we're in the car, she can use my droid's Verizon signal to get on the internet with the ipod touch's wi-fi capibilities.
I know that there is usb tethering to a notebook. (or anything with a usb) There will eventually be wifi tethering on the market (but through bluetooth is above me)..but verizon may or may not dictate the cost of doing that (I would assume they would). Right now your only bet (to my knowledge) is using a laptop in the car (ive done this...while driving lol).
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