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Until I got the Droid Turbo, I had been using a Palm Treo 700p for over 8 years and I loved it. I have used androids and iPhones without a carrier a lot, but this is the first time my mobile phone was an Android. Until now, I didn't think they were fast enough. I still feel kinda naked without the treo.

I've had the Droid Turbo for 3 days and it's flip case for 1. Overall very happy with the phone. I feel the need to mention some things and see if anybody else agrees.

My gripes begin with the Moto voice controls. You can use voice commands to start playing music but not pause or stop playing or skip track. You can open apps, but not close them. You can make notes but you can't really make lists.

If you're driving with navigation going, the moto voice hears the android speaking directions, so if you say "Ok Google" and then the navigation speaks up while you're speaking, moto hears the navigation directions and starts listening to itself speak, so your commands get all mixed with turn by turn directions. This wouldn't be so bad if you could command google maps to mute voice guidance with your voice. But so far, the Droid Turbo doesn't understand "mute."

I've also tried bluetooth pairing the turbo with my computer. This is nice for playing music from the phone through the computer speakers. You can also browse files on the phone and exchanges files through an FTP connection over bluetooth. You can use bluetooth to share internet connection and use apps like Unified Remote. My favorite bluetooth feature is that you can establish trusted bluetooth devices that act like a key for the Turbo and prevents it from locking. So when you're at home or in a car with bluetooth it connects and figures you're in a safe spot and stays unlocked. This feature was brand new to me. All great stuff.

Until the computer bluetooth tries to act as a headset for the Turbo. This is nice if you are already using a headset with the computer. On establishing the headset connection AND after disconnection, the phone immediately starts dialing the last person called. So I had to hit end call really fast so I don't accidentally call. I ended up disabling the headset profile for the bluetooth connection on the droid.

When I initially paired the Turbo, the computer did come back with missing driver errors. So that maybe that is resulting in the weird headset issue.


The case is overall fine. It's high quality. I really like the special nylon on the phone and I'm glad Motorola kept it for the case. The window on the front isn't flimsy or anything. It seems like, given how durable the phone is, the leather case would protect it from most any accident.

As far as the flip case goes it doesn't let you control music through the window. I think a Pause and Skip would be nice. Also, it's always pestering you to open the case no matter what you're doing with it closed. Its just getting a little obnoxious. The case also seems to conflict with the Moto "Approach" action where you wave your had to see the Moto Display. While the case is closed, it just doesn't seem to do it.

Personally, and I might be alone in this, I would like for video to play through the flip case window as well. When I'm watching a YouTube video and the case mistakenly flips closed, the video stops. Especially annoying when listening to music on YouTube. But I'm a little surprised that the regular video player doesn't do it.

Please let me know if this helps anyone. I'll probably add to this if I find other things that bug me.


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