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Help Droid X battery drains


Jan 30, 2011
I had a BB Storm 2 before the Droid X and I noticed that the battery on the X lasts a short period of time 7 to 8 hours at the most. Started to investigate issues on different forums as well as this location. I found out that if you download an app killer this should take care of battery usage problem, only the app killer stops certain apps and you have to go back and add more apps to stop. Ok fine no problem, but if you go to setting, applications, running services, then you see that the apps are still running in the back ground. So you go and stop those services that are still running that the app killer didn't really disable. One by one you stop the apps that are still running in the back ground till you see the bar at the bottom turn to a small yellow strip indicating your resources are now freed up. However, then you check on them 15 minutes to 30 minutes later and all those apps are running in the back ground again using up battery life. The question is this: How do you stop the apps from running until you want to use them? Its almost like a windows program, when you install new software it automatically goes to the start up menu until to disable it. When you call on it to run it runs, but with the droid you manually stop the apps/programs and then they start themselves back up again. It starts first with messaging, then the news, then the weather (there are 2 of those), then the maps, syncs services the freaking list goes on and on. Hell while I took the time to type this out 6 minutes 6 different services came back on line? I don't understand this phone and its software, I wish I would have stayed with my BB! It was 2.5 days before I had to charge it again, This is a Verizon phone and have had it for 3 months and I thought that maybe the battery had to settle in. I have made sure to drain the battery completely on several occasions thinking maybe the battery had some memory of half charges or whatever, but lithium ion battery's don't really have that issue anymore. The only other option I can think of is deleting applications I don't use, which in reality would be over half in the phone. :mad:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Android is nothing like windows in this regard. They aren't actually 'running' in background, they are just loaded into ram incase you do use them. Android handles all that in the background quite well. Those apps will keeping starting themselves back up, an app like system panel will tell you how much cpu they are actually using.

That being said in most cases task killers do absolutely more harm than good. But in some cases their will be apps you download that were coded badly that you will need to 'kill'. I use system panel for this. Generally i only stop apps from running that A. i opened myself and B. i know from paying attention they don't start themselves right back up.

In most cases if it is an app that i downloaded and it is always starting itself i will un install it for a better alternative. Also widgets will constantly run and pull data causing battery drain.

It is different for everyone cause everyone uses phone differently but i get around 6 - 8 hours of AWAKE time and around 24 - 30 hours per charge. Head to the Droid X section of the forums for more battery saving tips
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