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Help Droid X Bootloader Error Message after Water Damage


Aug 9, 2012
Yesterday I damaged my droid x on a hike in the rain. The phone did not get very wet, it appeared to really only have condensation on the screen and a bit of moisture around some of the buttons.
At first the phone had a solid green light and the home and back keys were not working. The music player started on it's own so I it powered off. Powering back up, the phone displayed the bootloader menu, and eventually the battery died and I was unable to charge it all or turn it on... totally unresponsive. I put it in dry rice for the night and this morning I was able to charge the phone and the screen was showing the charging status like normal. The home and back key seemed to be working fine now. After fully charging and powering back on, the phone remained stuck on the M screen.
I attempted several times to factory reset the phone, but nothing happens when I power on holding the home button.. just the M screen.
SO, I moved on to attempting to "flash sbf" (I don't even know what this means, I'm just following a thread from 2010) with RSD lite 4.8, 605 sbf file, and the motorola drivers. (I think part of my problem is that this thread is from 2010 and I have no idea what files I need to be using for my phone.)
I opened RSD 4.8 and, even though my phone did not appear detected, it allowed me flash the 605 sbf.
Now my phone reads
"Bootloader 30.04,
Err:A5, 70, 70, 00, 1F
Service Req'd
battery ok
ok to program
transfer mode:
On other forums it says I might need to use a different sbf file or RSD version, but that using the wrong file can be irreversible. These threads are also from a while back, so I am stuck on what to do next. I can't go into the verizon store because I am out of state with my family for the next week. What do I do next?

My apologies if this is in the wrong forum, or too lengthy... I have never posted like this, and know next to nothing about phones :p


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