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droid x update folder? where is it


Mar 19, 2012
Ok i biught a new droid x today.. iupdated it to 2.3.3. And i want to keep it there. Because my phone is rooted... i dont want 2.3.4 but it downloaded out of no where. And it keeps promptin me every 2 hours to install it.. can someone tell me if there is a way to find the folder it downloaded to and delete it. Or howww to get rid of it downloaded its annoying.. and those of u who are thinkin why i dont want 2.3.4 is i had so many problems with it on my other phone.. thankyou
Freeze updater 2.3.3. To wipe cache partition in stock recovery first power off your phone then press your home button and hold it in followed by pressing your power button and also holding that in. Continue holding in both buttons till you see a triangle on the screen then release both buttons and press both volume buttons in at the same time. That will get you a menu so just scroll down with your volume button to where it says wipe cache partition and select it with your power button. Once its says cache wipe complete just select reboot system.
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