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Nov 19, 2009
Thought I'd start a post to track the codes for the droiddoes.com#/bionic page.

*EDIT* Nevermind. Looks like the bloggers are supposed to enter it themselves. We don't need to track the codes. BRG and Joystick have entered

1) BGR = fb95d93d

2) Joystiq =

3) BoingBoing =

4) Androidcentral =
Because BoingBoing has been around a lot longer than you think. They were in print long before online.

Boing Boing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

By contrast, Boy Genius Report - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and Joystiq - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

There isn't a wiki for Android Central, but since Android is no more than 7 years old, you can bet that 2003 is probably the earliest they were formed.

now, you really think that BoingBoing is no-one?

Just to give you an idea - 1988 is the year I graduated High School. I'm 40. That was 22 years ago.

And as for why they've not put in their code: 3D Printed Robot head
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i dont care how long they have been around i just dont understand we they are so against pr stuff lol

Agree...just punch in the dam thing...way i see it the whole vote thing is a BS PR crap that they are doing to attract hits. and i bet it is working nicely.

If they dont want to participate, fine just post the picture of code online... or just decide not to freaking participate. I said wtf at "block portion of code with rivaling manufacurers logo and post it online".... it seems too much like they are desperately hoping for hits.
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Someone has said that they're going to send one to Droid-Life, cause BoingBoing doesn't get it.

Why wouldn't they just punch it in? I love BoingBoing, but this just makes them look like jerks.

As i said, they just want hits... They probably have gotten tons from just pulling this I-am-not-playing-a-role-in-your-PR PR stunt.

Never heard of them before, and i will just forget they even existed soon enough.
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This is interesting:

In the terms and agreement section it mentions -

"Once you launch the app, during every 30-minute game you will have an opportunity to visit geolocations (based on specific prize) as indicated on the app (no more than 1 mile away from user's geolocation) to capture up to 4 devices/prizes."

I had figured that this would be like every other scavenger hunt wherein this happened in specific locations and big cities. But apparently, these four prize "locations" will be calculated within one mile of your GPS?

Am I completely off base, or is that right?
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