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Droid's "cube" effect?

HelixLauncher 2 has the app drawer effect but it is a home replacement, same as GDE. Since the Incredible's app drawer is a part of sense, I don't think an app could change it. To keep sense and have the custom app drawer, you may need root. I am not totally sure. Can a Dev correct me if I am wrong.

I ran Helix for a few days on my Dinc and the cube effect (in the app drawer - I think they actually call it "3D" or something similar versus "cube") worked fine. When you're running a home replacement app, sense is "shelved" and the new app assumes the responsibility for what sense previously did.

I've since switched to GDE for various reasons. It runs like a champ with ZERO issue on my Dinc, but does not include the "cube effect" for the app drawer. (It does have a different cube effect for your home screens rotations, but not for the drawer).
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