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Help DroidX Man - Help needed

Holy cow! New to the site and can't get your help soon enough. After many years with the "Perfect Storm" (1 and 2) i finally decided to get away from what I thought was the evil of Blackberry. 10 days and 3 Droid X's later...I am not happy about this move.

Parts of this phone are amazing. Now...if I could just get it to stop merging contacts into one, deleting some on handheld and some on desktop, not deleting some on handheld, adding an email contact to my desktop if I sent an email from my phone but not add it to my desktop and even taking into account the extra built in contacts Verizon adds, come anywhere close to having the same number of contacts on both desktop and handheld!

I love that I can ask this to text my wife, tell her what I want and it sends the text! But WTF with this contact manager!

Anyone? Bueller?


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