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Help Dropping calls like crazy


Apr 28, 2010
For the last few days my phone has been dropping calls like mad. For example this morning I was on my way to breakfast talking with a friend and it dropped the call 3 times in 10mins. Anywhere from :30 to 3:00 into the call. I had full strength and so did the other person. Yesterday when it was happening I though I was hitting end call with my cheek but I had my blue tooth on this morning. The only thing I've done recently is rooted with Z4 and froze a few applications using Bloat Freezer (Amazon MP3, Blockbuster, CityID, Kindle, Skype, Voicemail ,VZ Navigator) and I just did *228 both options, but haven't had a conversation longer then a minute yet since I did that. Anyone else experiencing any issues?


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