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E Mail Problem

Hi Folks, I'm new here.

I only use a POP3 email account on my Desire S. When I check my emails, I don't always get all the mails in my account inbox on my phone. I think I have checked my mail for the day, but when I get home and check them in Microsoft Outlook, I have emails that did not show on my phone.

I have checked and re-checked all the email settings on my phone and they all seem OK.

Has anyone go any ideas or solutions please:thinking:
Check the settings of your POP3 email account accessed by the web, not your phone.

Unlike IMAP, POP3 doesn't truly sync, so that when you've deleted or read emails your Inbox won't appear the same across email clients. I.e. if your email account settings are set to delete emails from the server after being being read or downloaded, these emails would not be available to be read or downloaded on other clients. This may not explain your problem, but POP3 can cause a bit of confusion when the same account is accessed from different clients.

If possible, it might be worth temporarily switching to IMAP settings (on your phone, Outlook and the email account), to see if that solves the problem.
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