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Help E-Mail Syncing and "Refresh on Open" Issues + Problems

Hi all,

Just picked up a Note 2 (in the UK), come over from a HTC Desire HD.

Everything seems to be running fine, etc but having a few issues with the e-mail application (e-mail, not gmail).

I have 5 e-mail accounts, (business + personal), so far I have tried adding one, and I am having issues with the refreshing/receiving e-mails.

Now maybe its just me being an idiot, but as mentioned came from the Desire HD so things are different.

Here it goes:

1. Do I have to have "SYNC" permantely on? on the HTC I had it off, as it would sync other stuff (weather, etc) that I didnt want it to as well. Even with the SYNC off I could still manually "refresh" my e-mail accounts to pull in e-mails, however on the Note - it seems it wont let me do this unless "SYNC" is on?
2. I get the SYNC Schedule, this is pretty much the same as the HTC.
3. When SYNC is on, it automatically refreshes my inbox everytime I open the e-mail application - now on the HTC there was a checkbox to turn this off/on, however I cannot find anything on the Note to disable this?? As often spend alot of time going back to old e-mails, grabbing attachments, info, etc and do not want to refresh the inbox everytime!
4. If I do have to the SYNC permantely on, I presume there are ways of disabling the syncing for everything else - and just letting it sync the e-mail?

Help would be much appreciated, I'm lost without my e-mail accounts but I know that syncing can use alot of data, and the constant refreshing when opening bugs me to no end!


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