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Easy way to save battery life on Verizon

I noticed no difference on the S3 and my S4 32gb came with the setting suggested here, out of box.

Battery life comparisons are too subjective, but an absolute way to maximize battery life is to leave data off and only use when you need it. Data activates instantly, so the button press is worth it. No point in letting the radio drain battery when not using it. Especially in weak signal areas. Like most devices like this, they drain battery the worst in weak signal areas. Turning data off fixes that and you still have phone and text function.
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Agree re: weak signal areas. In general terms the lower the signal level in the downlink (cell site to device), the higher the transit power required in the uplink, therefore greater battery drain. I can't switch mobile data off as I receive a lot of push notifications, email etc. I do however minimise the use of the many other radios within the device; WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS are all switched on then off as necessary, this helps.
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