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Email app?

I have my watch set to notify me of emails only. Can't imagine what it would be like to do emails on such a small screen.

Have you looked in the Galaxy store?
No, that's fine, but don't I need a client on the watch in order to get notifications? I've looked in the store and found Outlook (see my concern above) and another that didn't have great reviews.
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Again, I was only looking for an app in order to get notifications. On the watch I go to Settings > Notifications > Show phone notifications on watch....the option selected is "show alerts when phone not in use" and I'm not getting email notifications. I get text notifications, however. The other option in these settings is "show alerts even when phone is in use". Should I select this option?
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No need to install an email app on the watch in order to get notifications. You should be able to configure the Galaxy Wearable app to push notifications from any app installed on your phone to the watch.

In the Galaxy Wearable app, go to Watch settings > Notifications > More and change the toggle at the top of the screen from Most recent to All. That will display all the apps on your phone. Scroll through the list, find your email app(s) and tap to enable them (which will move the slider to the right).

You should then get email notifications on your watch. (I use this to get notifications from Gmail and ProtonMail on my GW4.)
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