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Email image dloads can't be stopped easily


Aug 23, 2010
With my skyrocket email client (not the gmail client), I click on any particular email, and discover that it has 100 images !!!!! GRRR! I hate those emails !!:mad: :mad:. The question, I can't stop it from fetching them off the net, and it keeps the dloads up, even when I delete that email. The only way I can stop it, is go into "flight mode" I can't find a "stop" anywhere. Sure eats up a lot of my available data. Any ideas?:mad:
I asked the same question a few weeks ago and got no replies so I guess we are stuck with it. Sure is frustrating to watch precious battery resources wasted.

And, I even did a search, and found nothing related to the problem. I guess I just gotta quit trying to open anything in Charter email. There should be some kind of regulations about all those images, anyway. An attachment, that's different. I can chose on that one. And, a battery killer, it is. I'm worried that the usb connector's life is going to be real short. So, I keep it oiled with commutator oil in an attempt to extend it's life. And, of course, I carry a spare.
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