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Help Email not Updating....since December 20th


Jan 26, 2010
I have seen a couple threads but nothing that answered what I am experiencing. Without any changes to settings....over a week ago my email stopped updating. It does not manually update....and it does not automatically update. I have been through all the settings in the Mail function itself....and also checked all the boxes in the "Data Usage" section of the phone to no avail.

Did someone figure this out in a thread and I just can't find that thread? Thanks in advance for any help
Is it GMail? Did you enable two-step verification by chance?

People will want the usual information in order to help you: Rooted vs non-rooted, type of address/account (eg. Gmail, exchange, Yahoo!, etc.), email clients that you use (eg stock, gmail, k9, kaiten, etc). You have only provided a little bit of information.
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My email has stopped pushing autimatically, both aol and gmail. I can push it manually and it works, this has only been the past few days. I'm not rooted, I did battery pull, unloaded app and reloaded, checked all settings a dozen times.
I ended up downloading Maildroid from the market, and it works perfect, both for my gmail and aol.
(Note 2) USCellular
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hmm i dont have circular arrows at top right....

-EDIT- Nevermind. Just saw that you're on ATT.

The top toggle bar on ATT doesn't have a SYNC toggle. Just looked at my co-worker's Note 2.

But, double check all of the accounts you created on your phone, to make sure that they're set to SYNC. If you scroll down in the settings menu, you'll see where all of your accounts are listed.
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