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Help Email Notifications

What are you guys using for email notifications? I'm using the factory app but the notification icon doesn't seem to stay in the status bar for long...if I don't check it right away, it is gone when I do check it. Is there a good app that can fix this?

I use k-9 mail. It's really good about notifications,and allows multiple accounts, and the viewing font is scalable.
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I have the same problem.

E-mail notifications for me work fine with the Yahoo Mail App and Gmail app, but I have a third e-mail account that's just a POP3 account with no special app (set up to check using the built in email program) and those notifications only appear for about a second and then disappear. I can't find any setting to fix this.
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My POP3 account notifications have been inconsistent as well. I spoke with a USC rep last night, and as we were brainstorming, she asked me to open the built-in Task Manager App on my Mesmerize to see what was running. At the time my EMail app was not running. She felt that for the notifications to work the EMail app needs to always be running. So, I have been trying that today, with better consistency. I also notice that I receive more notifications when I am actually using the phone. GMail app works fine as long as AutoSync is enabled.
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Bah, I must have read this post while looking through things & cursed myself. :p

My email notifications were working fine until earlier today, but now am having the same problem with them not showing up. No notification icon or textual notification if I open up the notifications screen, at least not consistently. (A few different threads around on this problem. Wish they would fix it). (Also, does this issue only effect the email notification in-particular or will it also have the same problem with other types of notifications? Don't have a way to test that right this minute).

Anyway, is the only way to fix it to use an alternative email app? I'm actually fine with the standard one, but I'm guessing there's no app that only deals with the actual notification stuff without replacing the whole mail system? (And using an alternative will fix the notifications, right?)

If I need to use a different email app, any suggestions? The K-9 mentioned in the thread here looks like a possibility, but it's not totally grabbing me. (The functionality looks nice, but it's so... un-pretty.) :eek: (My primary email is a POP3 through my ISP. I have a gmail account for app access & backups, but I do not use it for mail.)
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