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Help email vs gmail and labels :/


May 16, 2011
Just picked up my Charge.
The verizon guy had me login my email account at the store. I wasn't really paying attention but I think he made me set up my email account for the email app and not the gmail app that I normally use.

I use gmail exclusively. Coming from a droid and I only used the gmail app.

The email app seems to update my header bar with notifications - and gmail doesn't seem to. BUT my labels do not carry over to my email app and its frustrating because I really need those!

1. Does the email app "download emails" bogging down my phone (I get hundreds of emails a day)

2. Is it possible to have the email app bring in my gmail labels so I can make sense of what I'm seeing.

3. Is it possible to make the gmail app the default email client?


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