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samsung droid charge

  1. C

    Help turn off 4G

    when i go to turn off 4G i get a popup that ask LTE/CDMA and CDMA. i choose CDMA which in turn pops up another window with Home only automatic a automatic b my question is which do i choose? what is the difference between them?
  2. B

    Root PLEASE HELP!!! About to give up on rooting my charge....

    Samsung Droid Charge FP8 v2.3.6 So I had a charge before but i broke it all to hell then I lost my new phone so I went back to a refurbished Charge, it meets my needs but I want to root so I can get rid of all the damn bloatware!!! So here is where i'm at.. Semi-noob here, Ive rooted a...
  3. J

    Help OS failed. What do I do?

    I have a Samsung Droid Charge. Its a couple years old, but I do like this phone. I'm trying to let my contract expire so I can change networks so I don't want to use an upgrade to get a new phone. My phone was acting wierd so I did a restart. When it tried to come back up it got stuck in the...
  4. D

    Help weird charging problem

    Droid Charge has a weird charging problem,some times it will charge the battery, some times it will kill the battery on charge,or no charge at all.It will charge at a resonable speed sometimes, sometimes very slow.Battery life is ok sometimes but very bad on othertimes even with very little...
  5. K

    Help Startup Endless Loop

    My wife's Droid Charge has developed a rather inventive form of bricking: It's stuck in an endless loop on the startup animation. This happened after the phone crashed inexplicably this afternoon (not the first time that's happened). She's tried everything she could think of, including swapping...
  6. K

    Help Always vibrates

    My wife's Droid Charge always vibrates, even with every switch we could find set to off. Even disabled vibrate on emergency texts. The problem seems most noticeable on texts from Twitter; but we can't find any switch to turn that off. What might we be overlooking? Thanks, and happy new year.
  7. B

    Help Wifi status shows "Error"

    When I attempt to turn on wifi, it simply says "Error" under the words on the button. Repeatedly tapping it does.. well, nothing. Occasionally when I tap the wi-fi button it will freeze, crash, and restart the phone. I'm in Test Mode with no sim, if that has anything to do with it.
  8. G

    Help Managed to add too many home screens

    I need help. I was trying to add a 7th home screen to my Droid Charge from the Edit menu option. When I hit the + nothing happened so I continued to hit it until I got a reaction from the phone. Anyway in the end the phone now has 10 home screens. I don't need this many and want to delete all...
  9. C

    Help Several Issues regarding SD cards space, apps constantly force closing

    Hey all, I'm temporarily on this phone for a few reasons, among them it was the cheapest I could find on Craigslist in my area on short notice. I'm not happy with it but I'll survive because really I do not absolutely NEED anything more than phone, text, email and maps. Be that as it may, I...
  10. K

    retire my droid charge already

    Own Droid charge and did not change it for long time already due to some personal reasons, but finnally retire it recently ( anyone else same with me??) Its poor battery life is the major issue
  11. D

    Root Rooting question for my sch i510

    Ok so I know somewhat about rooting. I actually have a few questions. 1. Am I still able to use my game apps? 2. Can I unroot it; in case I ever need to send it in for warranty?
  12. V

    Help Poor sound quality (among other things)

    My Droid Charge is slowly fading into the abyss. After months of poor battery life, the phone functions are becoming slower and slower, and now the last 3 people I've talked to say they can barely hear me. I sound muffled. Had to call them back on my land line. The sound quality has always been...
  13. D

    Help Weird screen message

    Have Samsung Droid Charge. After removing SD card to show someone who had no idea what I was talking about, a strange screen appeared on phone when I put it back together. It was a picture of a droid working and the message underneath said Do not turn off target!!! Phone was locked up and I...
  14. S

    Help Not receiving group texts from iPhones

    My Charge has not been receiving group texts from iPhones for the past few months and it's starting to be a real issue as everyone I work with has an iPhone. Has anyone else had the same issue? I tried GoSMS Pro, but that wouldn't even open. Verizon's message app didn't seem to fix it either.
  15. R

    Help Bad overheating problem

    Ok so I'm using my phone, on Memedroid like normal, and I notice my phone feels a little warm. I thought, "That's a little odd, let me check my Quick System Info." So I home screen and open my QSI and my phone is at 127.40 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like 53 degrees Celsius for all you...
  16. L

    Which Version Android OS?

    Went into my "About Phone" section under settings. Which heading is for the OS on the Charge?
  17. W

    Root Uh oh.

    I rooted my Charge using the Odin method. I didn't do any ROMs, just rooted. I tried to change the EP5 to EP8 in the build.prop file and now my phone just sets at the Samsung screen and just resets and does the same thing. How can I fix this?
  18. W_A_Watson_II

    03/2013 System Update Available?

    Any one know the details (i510.FP8 I think)? I'm rooted (i510.06 V.FP5) so I have no plans to do the update.
  19. D

    Help Phone going into VZN, Wipe to remove root?

    Short of running 220v through my phone how can I wipe it totally clean? I got a warranty phone coming tomorrow and my Charge has to get sent back in. I don't want to deal with... "well you rooted it" so I want to wipe the thing clean and return it to factory. It's been quite a while since...
  20. K

    Help Question about Root/Rom for Droid Charge on ClearTalk

    I asked this question a few days ago in the Droid Incredible forums, similar but for the Charge: Just switched networks from Verizon to ClearTalk. I have an unrooted/stock Droid Charge. I am wondering if anybody has experience rooting and putting a custom Rom on a Charge that has been flashed...
  21. ukrkoz

    Factory restore package needed

    Hi all Looking for working link to factory restore package for Odin/Droid Charge All I can find is bad links or virus spreaders. Selling my phone, need to restore it. Thank you.
  22. H

    Help Missing Video recording Samsung Droid Charge

    I have a Samsung Droid Charge, VZ 4gLTE. I recorded two sections of video recently. 1 was 22 minutes and looks great. The other was about 15 minutes and I can't find it anywhere! I looked in the video gallery, in the "files" on the device...I'm at a loss. Any ideas?
  23. F

    Help Battery Life Help

    I got my phone nine months or so ago, and the battery life started out fine. I could go eight hours or so of constant use, but now it hardly works. I'm lucky if my phone will stay on for thirty minutes. Once it hits fifty percent, my phone immediately shuts off. I've tried turning off my data...
  24. G

    Root Still like my Charge! But want to root now!

    I know many people knock on the Charge but I have had mine since June 2011 and have never rooted it. I have gorilla glass, a great screen, ok a slower processer but I do have that 32GB sd card which is removable and many phones don't have that anymore. That being said, I now want to root to get...
  25. kitwms

    Display dims while I am reading it. Why?

    I have turned off -- at least temporarily -- all memory-saving display features. And the display keeps going dim and then bright and then dim again. Over and over. It's driving me crazy. How do I make it stop?