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Help Emergency Mode problem




I've had my phone a couple of weeks ago now and about 6 days ago I got a notification telling me a new version of software was available and to connect my phone to the PC Suite to update. So I installed all my USB drivers etc before the update but the program either wouldnt connect to the phone or repeatedly tells me that there is a problem with the connection between the comupter and cellphone and to disconnect the wire, remove and reinsert the battery and try again.

This still didn't work and now anytime I power off my phone, it gets stuck in emergency mode (yellow screem with white text saysin "emergency mode!!") when I try to turn it back on. The only way to get passed this is to remove the battery for about 15-25 minutes and then turn the phone on again and it powers up as normal. I have tried to do a factory reset via settings>Privacy, but the phone gets stuck in emergency mode when the phone reboots and all my data and settings remain intact.

Any suggestions on how I can fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much. :)
Im having the same problem too.

I was trying different roms on my lg p500 and i wanted to restore back to my original rom because i was having problems with the other roms. So i restored through recovery, flashing to rom through the zip file but because i was having again problems with that rom i decided to again the original room but this time to flash through the KDZ software. I followed the tutorial and i don
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