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Help Emergency way to QUICK Kill the OTA update?

This is the kind of info I NEED before I Need it.

So from my reading here I've decided not to do the Motion SW update unless I get some more much better info TO do it.

Of course, since there doesn't appear to be any way to kill the never ending incessant reminder notifications for the update, I now have to kill THAT a couple times a day too (at least).

My concern is the the Update Now tab is Right Beside the Wait 4 Hours tab and I'm concerned that one time, I might miss and inadvertently hit the Update Now button by mistake.

I have no idea if there is another "failsafe" (hit some other Last Really update NOW tab?) screen AFTER the Update Now tab to help save me if I miss aim or it it just starts the Auto update then.

So WILL it start the update Immediately after I hit the Update Now tab (by mistake) and is there Anything I can do to KILL the update if it starts downlowading?

Thank yall all knowing gurus in advance as usual! :)

Bruce in Ocala, FL
I'm not sure where you mean,


When I go to app settings and running apps, I don't see a disable but I do see this. (and no, it won't let me screen shot from that screen for some reason. ?)

at the bottom is Software Update 3.9 meg and the file name.
above that is DmclientService a timer, 40:50:xx and started by App. *And,* "This service started by its app. Stopping it may cause the app to fail." There IS a Stop and a Report button.

If I stop that DMclient thing will that stop the auto update dealie?

Anyone know?

Fox if I'm in the wrong area, clue me in please.

Bruce in Ocala, FL
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