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End of my 14 day days...


Android Enthusiast
Mar 29, 2011
Washington DC
Well, tomorrow's the day. It's been 14 days with the TB. I have spent a lot of time on the boards looking at all the great advice, trials, tribulations of you guys. My final conclusion...its a keeper. I love my TB.

I know there are a lot of people that had issues. I have not. Some of the known issues like low video mic volume just isn't enough to make me turn the thing back in. Most all of the things it was designed to do, it does very well.

My battery tests (after some minor tweaks) illustrated 11-12 hour battery life with my 3g only and 4g. Today I was really surprised. The last two days I decided not to test, but to just use the phone like I normally would with one exception, no mid-day charging. The battery had very similar results regardless of 3g vs 4g. It did fine and actually better than my BB S2.

Coming from the BB S2, the UI is just a pleasure to use.

Loaded up some cool apps to help with the basic annoyances, and overall I am very pleasantly surprised about the android platform.

I couldn't have managed it without all the great advice and vigorous debates on this board. Sometimes it seems overly emotional, but that means you guys care. Thanks very much and when I get the nerve to "root", I know you all will be there to help me repair the damage I create. ;)
Sorry to say that I returned mine on the 15th day. Had too many issues, and with it being the second one I tried I wasn't willing to risk going past the 15 days and being stuck with another lemon.

The device in general did everything I asked it to do. The problem was that is also did things that I didn't want it to do.

Glad you all have had a better experience than me.
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