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Help Epic and Widgetlocker Question.


Sep 2, 2010
I currently have Widgetlocker installed on my Epic and am running into a problem that hopefully someone can shed some light on. When I get an incoming phone call that I want to ignore with text, I get a message saying unbale to do that. Next dilemma, when I am on the phone and another I get another incoming call, I hear a beep alert, BUT the phone is locked and I have to unlock it and go to my phone screen to see who it is. Anyone else experiencing this problem? Any advice? I really want to keep this app, but these two things are killing it for me. THANKS!
in the notification bar press widget licker to put in tool mode
menu-settings-behavior-show in call. make sure this is unchecked to keep phone screen active

menu-settings-popups-hide incoming call make sure this is unchecked to see incoming call.

this should fix your issues if not let me know.
Thanks for the reply. The problem was actually with the app. and could not be changed in the settings. I emailed the developer and the latest release fixed the problem.
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